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Will Apple company Declare iPhone 5 on October 4?

Apple company is going to hold next big media occasion to announce iphone 5 launch date on October 4. This newest rumor originates from All Things D. According to sources near to situation, Apple is actually planning to maintain latest press event on October 4, where the subsequent era iPhone 5 will be unveiled.
“Tuesday, October 4. That’s the day Apple is currently likely to maintain it's next large press event, based on resources near to the situation, where the technology large may reveal the next iteration of its popular iPhone.”

iphone-5-october-4-releaseBased on ATD’s current report, brand new CEO Ricky Prepare will preside within the apple iphone 5 announcement. It would be his 1st big product intro as well as he will obtain chance to depart his very first lengthy impact like a brand new CEO.

We formerly heard which Apple company had been planning to rollout apple iphone 5 from a good October 14 to October 21 timeline. So Oct four would be the ideal time for you to make recognized announcement. However, we have to keep in mind that there has been absolutely no official term from Apple company itself to verify the day. Therefore even though Everything D is one of the dependable resources, this particular report ought to be simply the gossip.

Apple iphone 6 testing video

Bigger Display, Brand new Form Factor Much More Likely For apple iphone 6

As rumors the apple iphone 5 may stay with the same kind of type element and screen size crystalize, it is more likely which Apple company might save a bigger screen and radical, net design for that apple iphone 6.
There’s very little to become stated concerning the apple iphone 6 these days - due to the fact we’re still waiting for the actual apple iphone 5. But exactly how the apple iphone 5 turns out in the end will have a lot related to the actual prognosticating for the apple iphone 6 moving forward. That said, approaching the actual statement of the next apple iphone, it is looking much less likely that the brand new apple iphone will sport whether larger screen or new form element.
As we have documented on the sis site, the actual iPhone 5 News Blog, it is extremely possible that Apple simply doesn’t believe in the idea of beefing in the size of its flagship smartphone. Rather, it might be an insurance policy of Cupertino’s designers to keep a healthy quantity of room between the actual screens of the apple iphone as well as apple ipad, trying to avoid any kind of item confusion from a smartphone as well as tablet computer. Because we’ve observed in the traveling with a laptop marketplace lately, those lines are starting to blur. And while that fuzzy line may help rivals, Apple includes a vested curiosity about maintaining it's clients purchasing each iPhones as well as apple ipads.
iphone 6
However, there’s is another chance with respect to the iPhone’s display that may encourage Cupertino to develop the large-screened apple iphone 6 in next year.
You may remember the apple iphone 3rd generation had been followed up by the 3Gs, the rejuvenated design that utilized essentially the same display as well as type factor as its predecessor. Then, the actual apple iphone 4 came along as well as represented a complete overhaul of the iPhone design. But as a whole, we’ve only truly seen two different from factors from Apple company with regards to the actual apple iphone, as well as there’s pointless to think which, out of the blue, they will begin to alter the type factor every year.
Due to this, Apple might have been reconciled itself to presenting the present form element for the following apple iphone, which may mean that they'd end up being severely limited in helping the screen size.
next year could be a completely different tale, nevertheless, using the iPhone 6 dealing with a totally new type factor. In the event that Apple company decides in order to cast a new die for that iPhone 6‘s chassis, after that there’s no reason to think it won’t have a 4?+ screen to choose it's change.
With regard to earlier apple iphone adopters that religiously purchase every new apple iphone, it shouldn’t end up being too much of the tension to have to wait yet another year for an apple iphone 6 with a 4?+ screen. To be sure, the actual iPhone 5 will sport sufficient new features, such as iOS 5, iCloud, and an 8-megapixel digital camera, and also hardwearing . busy not less than twelve months approximately.
Nevertheless, if you’re the handset person who skipped the iPhone 4 in hopes this year’s apple iphone might feature a beefy display, you may be set for yet another year-long wait for a apple iphone 6.

iPhone 6 Rumored to Get Protector Features Planned for iPhone 5

While the number of iPhone 5 rumors performing the rounds from the mills of late have been taking up a fair amount of tech geeks’ interest globally, rumors of the amenities that iphone 6 will be featuring also have began to pop up upon significant tech information modems. A few of the proposed functions for that fall this year iPhone happen to be called what we might say ‘novel’ by many people onlookers although.
In a lot of methods, features required in the iPhone 5, such as 8-MP digital camera, National football conference, bigger screen, and tone of voice recognition have been launched in to the world of smartphones by Android mobile phones. Consequentially, a basic present of concern as well as discontentment is consistently increasing through among users of apple iphone that really feel apple iphone 5 might end up as simply a ‘catch-up device’ attempting to contend with Google android. Recently, nevertheless, news reviews happen to be rising that indicates iPhone 5 could, in fact, feature a very brand new as well as novel feature. That’s the projector! Although many Android manufacturers possess attempted their own hands at presenting this feature, no one has effectively installed a complete on-board projector on to a set surface with regard to display, photo, as well as video clip show.
iphone 6Patently Apple company had been the first to contemplate this concept. These people mainly include enrollment of recent patents under Cupertino. Based on reports from ‘Independent,’ a current software for any obvious that was given in order to Apple company upon eleventh August through All of us Patent & Trademark Workplace hints that plans associated with integrating a tiny projector into its future models of Mac and iOS products might be within the works.
Patently Apple company further pointed out in their article which Apple’s been creating this idea for a few years now. Nevertheless, recent particulars revealed in the obvious give suggest that development teams at Apple company are finally moving ahead full-steam with the idea of the projection program project.
Mac Rumors constructed about this rumor if you take note to the fact that Apple offers authorized the actual site, Apple, recently. This particular signals that this may be the newest brand for the following phone in relation to the showcased projector screen amenities.

You’ll notice, however, that all these types of projection feature rumors neglect the truth that the obvious offers more than likely been authorized far too past due to make its way into the actual iPhone 5. Usually, a obvious needs to be filed a minimum of annually in advance of the actual technology hitting mainstream audiences. Especially, large companies like Apple, can’t manage to begin production on a brand new groundbreaking invention with no obvious permit. This could trigger yucky replication the 2nd this hit markets. Consequently, we extremely doubt that the fall this year iPhone 5 will have a projector.
However, the actual apple iphone 6 is really a whole different 6 altogether. Nevertheless, we’ve got plenty of good reasons to think that 1 year’s period could just be enough in order to see Apple’s new obvious created to a place exactly where it could become part of the actual apple iphone 6 and become introduced in next year.

iPhone 6 will be a Projector Phone

The rumors and information related to Apple’s apple iphone 6 is very warm right now creating ripples in the stocks. The individuals are excited to learn regarding from the possibility of new features add-on to apple iphone 6 scheduled to be launched through March, 2012 once we reported earlier.

There's a great chance the iPhone six will have innovative Projector integration service associated with Pico Projector upon apple iphone 6 device enabling the video getting projected on a flat working surface at a brief distance away from apple iphone 6, which shall behave as an extremely handy device along with every thing ready and carried within the wallet by the proprietor in order to task a video presentation to the audience, without any other requirements necessary traditionally at the moment.

iphone 6 projector

There are quantity of most likely improvements, which may be expected within apple iphone 6 just like a fast nick , A6 Chip , which shall feature a brand new operating system , iOS 6 ,able to handle complex situations with out strains on the processor chip.

It has become essential for Apple company maintain the range from Samsung, which is troubled with lots of patent law suits at numerous phases and also the choice is to consider a brand new A6 chip, possibly it's production to be carried out from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company along with facilities of testing as well as packaging by Silicon ware Precision Sectors. These two businesses are located in Taiwan.

At present LTE is available on Verizon wireless in US, the probability of 4G availability will be by end of 2011, which iPhone 5 shall be lacking and there are great probabilities which apple iphone 6 will be having function associated with 4G support associated with AT&T that shall be released by apple iphone 6 will get released through October, 2012. The actual iPhone 5 shall offer on its mobile phones the services of both service providers. The current customers associated with Verizon wireless will probably repent since the pace of LTE system; shall be much higher.

The other expected features of apple iphone 6 have been in respect of enhanced memory, Edge-to-edge screen, enhanced battery , Wireless getting and touchscreen made up of Polysilicon utilizing Gorilla Cup.

Could the iPhone 6 Be Cut From a Single Piece of Metal ?

A lately found patent reveals which Apple has plans to develop an apple iphone from one piece of metal. Might this particular brand new patent comprise the shape factor of the iPhone 6?
There’s absolutely no denying it: Apple loves to build stunning things. Since the actual dawn from the imac desktop, Steve Jobs and the technical engineers at Cupertino have kept design, appearance, and type factor at the forefront of their devices, taking a feeling of minimalism as well as modern art. According to an IGN report, Apple has filed the patent which represents an iPhone that is “manufactured from one sheet of metal” in addition to being ‘lighter and slimmer compared to previous Apple company devices.’”
Before we carry on, it’s important noting that the patent by itself bears absolutely no info that demonstrate it to be authored by anybody at Apple company. Additional to that, Apple generally levies its patents in the U.S. very first, since Cupertino is where all its engineers are positioned. This particular caveat in your mind, let’s postpone disbelief as well as imagine for a minute that the patent in question is really a good Apple patent.

apple iphone 6
The actual metallic body might feature an incredibly curvey, contemporary design, along with “the base wall using a bent base surface, along side it walls becoming rounded so that these people form the bent aspect surface . . .”
You can take a look at the entire patent here.
The IGN post slates this particular new patent to be used on the apple iphone 5, but odds are, this patent is too new to be seen upon the this year apple iphone. There is, nevertheless, the unique possibility that we could see it applied on the apple iphone 6.
Apple includes a track record with regard to caring both metal and devices produced from a single bit of something. We know for certain which Apple company offers partnered with Liquid Metal, who has developed a good amorphous metal alloy that may be molded a lot in the same manner which plastic material is actually shaped. Although it seems unlikely which Liquid Metal will be utilized through the apple iphone 5, it could very well debut with the apple iphone 6. In addition, Apple’s unibody iMac style also proves that Apple company enjoys the notion of a single, unibody framework.
Adding to the actual smooth character of the possible metallic unibody apple iphone 6 design may be the insufficient  any frame. In section 007 of the obvious, “The handheld electronic device consists of a minimum of a single single housing using a front opening as well as cover disposed inside the front opening as well as housing without a bezel.” It might are in position to reason why Apple would have to utilize cutting-edge OLED technologies to feature a display that intersects the chassis without any bezel.
Apple might also need to overcome additional design difficulties if they were going to implement this single piece of steel style on the iPhone 6. For instance, the need to add heat sinks as well as opening for exterior loudspeakers might be daunting. Nevertheless, the patent will make provisions for that speaker perform: “an traditional acoustic close off having a plurality associated with acoustic close off gaps that actually work in co-operation with the piezoelectric loudspeaker in order to immediate the actual seem produced by the piezoelectric speaker to a preferred location within the small form factor portable handheld gadget, as well as an acoustic hurdle organized to avoid audible seems leaking in order to unwanted places in the little type factor digital camera.”
A unibody apple iphone 6 may also pave the way for cellular getting, wireless data, as well as Bluetooth ear buds, so that the gadget might remain completely sealed. It might not actually feature a house button.

Apple Testing A6 Processor Ahead of iPhone 6 Launch

Recent surveys suggest that Apple company is already screening processors for that highly anticipated produces from the apple ipad 3 and apple iphone 6.The apple iphone 5 continues to be to not launch until late September/early October of the year, however a number of sources are suggesting which Apple is already prepping for that sixth-generation apple iphone  the apple iphone 6.

iphone 6

Based on reports that state that the actual apple iPhone 5  is going to be launched between Drop this year (with an announcement from the apple iphone 5 later come july 1st), we believe that Apple is actually aiming for the mid-to-late Springtime next year discharge of the actual apple iphone 6.

The highly successful apple ipad 2 currently backs a 1GHz dual-core A5 processor chip, also is exactly the same processor the actual apple iphone 5 has been rumored to feature for quite some time now as well.

Like the A5 Chip? New Statement Indicates An A6 Nick For apple iphone 6 in next year

Apple iPad 2 users are enthused about the agility and speed of the A5 chip, as well as iPhone customers are looking forward to the actual potential customers of an A5-equipped apple iPhone 5. But brand new rumors suggest that a larger, much better A6 nick is coming to the apple iphone 6 in 2012.Apple has been diligent within continuing in order to beef up its cellular digesting energy, rolling out the famed A5 nick this year, debuting about the apple ipad 2. iphone 6
Given the impressive overall performance of the iPad 2 to date, iPhone customers tend to be fired up to experience the actual A5 chip, together with iOS 5, within the new apple iPhone 5, that is rumored to debut within the Drop of 2011.But for as much as apple iPhone users haven't yet taste the A5 chip on the apple iphone 5 yet, new reports show that an A6 nick is in the works, and can most definitely make its way on the 2012-released apple iphone 6.
Pocket Now is actually reporting which “According to   Serta Heyler, a semiconductor expert along with Merrill Lynch in Taipei, quoted by the Chinese-language Commercial Occasions, Taiwan Semiconductor Production Company Limited (TSMC) includes a great chance of ‘winning orders with regard to Apple’s A6 processors,’” and that “Samsung will reportedly continuin 2011 but, if the gossips turn out to be accurate, the A6 nick for use in the next iPhone after the surprise iPhone in the future will not be made by Samsung any longer.”
We still do not know how the A6 chip will stack up from the A5 when it comes to overall performance. but given the prospect from the apple iphone 6 becoming the very first iPhone that is 4G outfitted, together with a possible brand new iOS 6 operating system, enhanced gesture control, 3D abilities, and other possible innovations slated for that apple iphone 6, it would be safe to assume that the A6 processor will be a vital aspect of pressing forward what ever additional features Apple has in store for its sixth generation, 2012-released iPhone.

Steve Job Resigns before the Release of iPhone 5 and iPhone 6

The visionary leader Steve Job of the Apple Inc. who introduced Apple’s 1st iPhone to the world has officially resigned from the post of CEO. The main reason behind his resignation is said to be his health, well we all hope for a good health for him. Tim Cook is the successor as Apple CEO.
steve jobArt Levinson speaking on behalf of Apple’s board of Directors: Steve extraordinarily vision and leadership saved Apple and guided it to its position as the world’s most innovative and valuable technology company made countless contributions to Apple’s success, and he has attracted and inspired Apple’s immensely creative employees and world class executive team. In his new role as Chairman of the Board, Steve will continue to serve Apple with his unique insights, creativity and inspiration.
As we said earlier that Steve Job’s resignation was because of his health, however we hope that Steve Job’s direct input will not end before the release of the iPhone 5. Now as we know that iPhone 5 is line up for the launch later this year our expectations have been raised for iphone 6 and hope that the ex CEO Steve Job leaves his mark on this phone also.
We are not certain about Steve Job that if he will remain in the picture for the development of iphone 6. Cont. say it that Apple will be bringing up iphone 6 the rumors can change or be nothing.
The basic difference between iphone 5 and iphone 6 will be the technological advancement and improved features. We hope that the new CEO of the Apple Inc. can take Apple to new height on the way that was lead by Steve Job. And now its turn of Mr. Cook to do that visionary work for Apple and do some significant work hopefully regarding the iPhone 6.

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