Could the iPhone 6 Be Cut From a Single Piece of Metal ?

A lately found patent reveals which Apple has plans to develop an apple iphone from one piece of metal. Might this particular brand new patent comprise the shape factor of the iPhone 6?
There’s absolutely no denying it: Apple loves to build stunning things. Since the actual dawn from the imac desktop, Steve Jobs and the technical engineers at Cupertino have kept design, appearance, and type factor at the forefront of their devices, taking a feeling of minimalism as well as modern art. According to an IGN report, Apple has filed the patent which represents an iPhone that is “manufactured from one sheet of metal” in addition to being ‘lighter and slimmer compared to previous Apple company devices.’”
Before we carry on, it’s important noting that the patent by itself bears absolutely no info that demonstrate it to be authored by anybody at Apple company. Additional to that, Apple generally levies its patents in the U.S. very first, since Cupertino is where all its engineers are positioned. This particular caveat in your mind, let’s postpone disbelief as well as imagine for a minute that the patent in question is really a good Apple patent.

apple iphone 6
The actual metallic body might feature an incredibly curvey, contemporary design, along with “the base wall using a bent base surface, along side it walls becoming rounded so that these people form the bent aspect surface . . .”
You can take a look at the entire patent here.
The IGN post slates this particular new patent to be used on the apple iphone 5, but odds are, this patent is too new to be seen upon the this year apple iphone. There is, nevertheless, the unique possibility that we could see it applied on the apple iphone 6.
Apple includes a track record with regard to caring both metal and devices produced from a single bit of something. We know for certain which Apple company offers partnered with Liquid Metal, who has developed a good amorphous metal alloy that may be molded a lot in the same manner which plastic material is actually shaped. Although it seems unlikely which Liquid Metal will be utilized through the apple iphone 5, it could very well debut with the apple iphone 6. In addition, Apple’s unibody iMac style also proves that Apple company enjoys the notion of a single, unibody framework.
Adding to the actual smooth character of the possible metallic unibody apple iphone 6 design may be the insufficient  any frame. In section 007 of the obvious, “The handheld electronic device consists of a minimum of a single single housing using a front opening as well as cover disposed inside the front opening as well as housing without a bezel.” It might are in position to reason why Apple would have to utilize cutting-edge OLED technologies to feature a display that intersects the chassis without any bezel.
Apple might also need to overcome additional design difficulties if they were going to implement this single piece of steel style on the iPhone 6. For instance, the need to add heat sinks as well as opening for exterior loudspeakers might be daunting. Nevertheless, the patent will make provisions for that speaker perform: “an traditional acoustic close off having a plurality associated with acoustic close off gaps that actually work in co-operation with the piezoelectric loudspeaker in order to immediate the actual seem produced by the piezoelectric speaker to a preferred location within the small form factor portable handheld gadget, as well as an acoustic hurdle organized to avoid audible seems leaking in order to unwanted places in the little type factor digital camera.”
A unibody apple iphone 6 may also pave the way for cellular getting, wireless data, as well as Bluetooth ear buds, so that the gadget might remain completely sealed. It might not actually feature a house button.


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