Apple iPhone 6 May Sport A Curved Screen

Based on a few recent surveys, the actual iPhone 6 will be having a display that'll be made of curved glass instead of the conventional flat-glassed surface that we’ve seen for prior apple iphones.

Although iphone 6 is quite a while away from being launched, the rumor-mill doesn’t fail to make sure you the imaginations about Apple’s ultimate sixth-generation smartphone.According to the report given by DigiTimes, a number of supply-chain manufacturers that work along with Apple state that the tech-giant has requested that they prepare for the eventual manufacture of curved-glass for the iPhone 6.

curved-screen-iphone-6Apple company is known to assist their supply-chain manufacturers with the paying for expensive equipment for the manufacture of iPhone accessories as well as parts.This information to their producers might be related to comparable are convinced that claims which Apple company has purchased glass-polishing gear for their suppliers and that they’re looking for a competitive advantage through helping their own suppliers speed up the familiarization and training procedure by helping them with this kind of expenses.

iPhone 6 Rumored In order to Feature A Curved Glass ScreenExactly the same statement continued to claim that each The brand new htc as well as Samsung want to launch curved-glass mobile phones too, so this may well be a competition to the top location for these businesses.

The actual Nexus S, however, currently offers curved glass however, many analysts think that they haven’t place any effort towards marketing which include in order to customers.It’s definitely far too early to consider this particular rumor concerning the iPhone 6 and the possibility of this improving to a curved glass screen, so make sure to take this particular with a grain of salt (for now at least)


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