Online Marketing to generate traffic and start selling

Online marketing to drive traffic

With online marketing tools that I will list and explain here, you can create an internet marketing strategy that allows you to attract all the traffic necessary to start generating sales on your website.

This means you never have to choose any marketing strategy that requires continuous advertising investments. This does not mean in any way that there is no money to spend.There so many methods given by Internet Marketer like Perry Belcher.

Marketing tools that can be implemented are explained in automatic or manual mode. The manual mode is to be a time-consuming effort, there is considered only inefficient but also can sometimes be ineffective.

Furthermore, the automatic mode can actually save time. Can be used to expand your knowledge in online business, and also to keep up with market developments, and implementation of marketing strategies.

Time is not the only advantage of automatic implementation, but listing all the advantages of such implementation will make us deviate from our main objective is to discover the tools and tactics that make up a set of free online marketing strategies.

Choosing the automatic mode means you have to buy and use software programs that allow you to automate the process. It is advisable to buy software packages that only require time investment rather than a monthly subscription.

Online marketing strategy and tactics

Now, to start with the list of tactics that would give online marketing strategy:

1) Presentation of directories and search engines. We recommend starting with this free online marketing tactics, as it is expected to attract traffic continuously.

 However, it takes time to build your position using free online marketing strategies, especially in the search engines. When it says "search engines", does not mean that we are talking only of the major search engines.

 Submit your site to smaller search engines, you can contribute to their positioning within the major search engines.

 2) The reciprocal linking. This online marketing tactics, has lately gained some controversy. Many prefer one way links instead of link exchange.Also check out the sites

 I agree with them, but what could it hurt to keep online marketing tactics?. Reciprocal linking is exchanging links with other websites like

 This can really cost you a lot of time, even using online marketing, if you have not automated the process.

3) Add in the Forums. By posting in the forums assets, according to the online marketing strategy, has a double impact. Not only will you generate traffic of users who click on your link in the signature, but you can also get a way back to links.

As these forums are open to the search engines and therefore, your posts with your signature are listed in the search engines.

4) Presentation of the product. There are numerous directories that accept submissions of articles, one of the online marketing strategies, and in return you gain a lot of links to your website.

Perry Belcher
Their priority is to find directories with high traffic, and also those who have the ability to distribute your articles to: other websites, electronic newsletters, email groups, other types of editors.

Perry Belcher
5) Pinging. Pinging your blog, and dynamic pages of your site. If your blog is hosted on a server as an extension of your website, you can ping your blog, another online marketing strategies, to update engines search with the new changes.

This will encourage the search engines to crawl your blog, and your website eventually.

You can also create dynamic content on your website, according to online marleting strategies, by adding articles and news to keep your website fresh with new content.

This to keep the blog fresh and / or your website, is something they love to search engines and allows them to speed up the screening process that makes the robot spider.


With these five pillars of the strategy of free online marketing , you can create completely aggressive campaigns to generate traffic and make sales without spending money.


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